Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A bit about the Stamp-a-thon 09....

Well what an amazing experience, I must admit I was more than a little exhausted on Sunday, but I'm getting back to normal today. All in all it was a wonderful day and I would like to thank all the lovely ladies who have written me the most gorgeous e-mails thanking us for a magnificent day. Everyone seemed to have a great time and managed to get most if not all of their eight projects finished. The food was fabulous and very diligently looked after by our wonderful helpers, Makeesha's mum, Lou's mum and Kate who is Makeesha's brother's fiance.
Ngaire Anderson came along and very kindly helped on the day too, things ran very smoothly.
The hall soon filled up with the hundred people and, smiling faces filed through the doors to be greeted by the three of us with a pink goody bag, filled with a whole lot of fun! I made sure we could be easily spotted by getting us a pink feather boa to wear, "all good fun!" I was so excited and a little nervous, the nerves soon went and I was in my element up on stage having a laugh with everyone. I have a few photos of the day and will post some over the next few days for you to have a look at. Of course the most important thing is that we raised an amazing sum to be donated to the NBCF, the total raised was......."Drum roll please" $4,322.91 so a huge thank you to all who attended and made this possible and of course to those of you who made donations as well as the lovely Lee-Anne Barry who made up a spectacular basket of goodies to go in the silent auction. We had several products donated from Stampin'Up! which went into making some beautiful hampers, these were in a silent auction and some other goodies went into door prizes or competition prizes. This all made for a really exciting day full of smiles and fun, but we took time to reflect on the real reason we were there and there were several cancer survivors among us as well as some about to start on their journey with the recovery from this dreadful disease. Lets hope our contribution will go a little way to help find a cure for our daughters and grand daughters of the future. Thank you again to all who contributed to this wonderful day. Lots of inky hugs from...


  1. Fantastic organisation Charmaine - day went very well. Congratulations on your fund raising and thank you for a fun day!

  2. Hi Charmaine

    I am so glad the day went so well for all of you. It sounds like you had so much fun, I'm very envious. I would have loved to be there and will make sure I get my name down much quicker if it's on next year.

    I think it's wonderful that you raised so much money for such a worthy cause and I'm so glad my basket helped a little with that.

    You girls rock and I hope you have spent the last week recuperating and taking some time out for yourselves. I know that you must have been sooo busy before the event.

    You take care and I hope to see you sometime soon (maybe at Regionals if we ever get a date) :)

    Have a lovely day.
    Lee-Anne :)