Friday, July 30, 2010

Stamp-A-Thon is back.

I told you something really EXCITING was coming and I wasn't wrong. I have the link to the registration form for Stamp-A-Thon 2010. Each year this event gets bigger and better and this is the fourth year that Makeesha Byl has held this amazing event to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I was very honoured when she approached me for help to run it last year along with Louise Ryan, so of course it was a no-brainer for me to jump in with both stamping hands to help out this year as well. We are pleased to announce that it will be held at the same venue as before which is Free reformed Church, Armadale. Church hall. 84, Fifth rd, Armadale. Time 9am-4.30pm. When: Saturday the 4th of September 2010.
If you were one of the participants last year I'm sure you will want to join in the fun again this year. We would love to see some new faces at this years event as well as familiar ones, so be quick to register and save your seats for this amazing event.
Here is the link to the registration form:
We look forward to seeing you, and sharing the fun while raising funds for this very worthy cause. Lots of inky hugs from ...

Something EXCITING is coming.....

Hi there craft lovers,
I just thought I'd give you a heads up, later today there will be a post up here to tell you all about our up-coming Stamp-A-Thon in Sept. That's right another day of incredible fun and stamping extravaganza! For those of you who have attended in previous years you'll know what I'm talkin'bout! Makeesha, Louise and I present you with an amazing day of stamping, fun, prizes, food and refreshments, but this year we will be giving you something really special on top of all that.......It's the new Idea book and catalogue for 2010/2011, I KNOW!!!! excitement hey, so in your goodie bag will be all the bits and pieces to make seven amazing projects on the day, a new idea book and catalogue (usually retails at $12.95), a $10.00 voucher to be redeemed on the day and lots of chances to win some terrific Stampin'Up!® products which have been donated by ourselves and of course the very generous company of Stampin'Up!. So who wants in????
All you have to do is come back here at around 12 noon today Western Aus. time and check out the registration form , send it off to the lovely Makeesha to hold your seat for you and we'll see you at the Stamp-A-Thon. Don't forget, this is all held to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation, so all profits from the day will be donated to this very worthy cause.
Lots of inky hugs from.....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The lucky last...

hello there paper crafters, I'm sorry this is a bit late for you. I was a bit busy with preparations for a downline meeting yesterday a well as few chores I had run down the hill. Anyhooo, here are the last pictures of my creating space, it's actually the adjoining room and I have taken over a bit of it with this great unit from none other that Ikea, it was on sale and Hubby talked me into it, not that it was too hard to do so "LOL" I bought these gorgeous matching boxes to go into the cubby holes, they are great to fit 12x12" papers in, I haven't really decided what's going in the other ones yet, but I'm sure they will be full of bits and pieces before too long. You can see I have a couple of my Stampin'Stack n'stores which house all my buttons, brads and eyelets etc. in two of the cubby holes. Here is a picture of the sun set outside my window the evening we took these pictures, I often see this when I'm working in my room. I was sitting in there yesterday morning and a huge flock of White tail black cockies flew into the trees outside my window, we have a huge macadamia tree right out side there and they often sit in there eating the nuts and looking in at me with their great big eyes and their beaks full of yummy nuts. I love to just sit and watch them playing and eating, I feel so blessed to have all these wonders right out side my window.

It was great to be able to show some of my wonderful downline my newly renovated room last night when they came to our monthly get together, I think some were shocked to see how small it actually is in the flesh, so to speak. I also think some thought I am a bit OCD or anal for want of a better word, I'm a bit of a neat freak, but that stems from living on a boat for the first part of my life. When you live in a confined space, everything has it's place and you have to keep everywhere neat and tidy, so it doesn't get thrown around in any large seas if they arise.
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :-)
Oh well, that's me for now, I'm off to a wonderful weekend of stamping with the Stamparoos, at our annual stamp camp. I really look forward to seeing all the girls I went to Sydney convention with and catching up with all the other demos who I haven't seen since last year's camp.
I'll take some photos for you and post them when I get back, thanks for stopping by.
Lots of inky hugs from ......

Monday, July 26, 2010

My creating space part 2....

Hello again crafty lovers,
Well as promised this is the second installment of my creating space tour, in yesterdays post I promised you I'd show you inside that cupboard. As you can see there are a few spaces in these paper slots and that's because they have been arranged into their new colour families. We don't actually get the new colours until September, so these spaces are ready to welcome the new guys on the block when they get here. Don't they look yummy so far. This cupboard is again a recycled object from our local tip shop, I think it was from a government office. So here's a close up of my punches in all their glory, along with my ribbons which I seem to have too many of :-} You may be able to notice that the work surface on top of the cupboard is a nice fat slab of marble, another gift from hubby so when I do any heat embossing, I can put my heat gun down on there without fear of burning anything. When one of my friends saw it, she asked him if he could cut her a piece too, but she wants it for doing pastries on. Here is a closer look at part of my ever growing stamp collection, inside the cabinet is just my odds and ends, like tidy treys for embossing and of course spares of things etc.
Can you see my little lamb who sits watching over me, it's up on the left hand side of my cabinet, my mother-in-law bought him for me from one of my favourite shops, Koorong. I have just a couple more shots of where I have taken over the next room, so if you're having fun exploring my little space, please come back tomorrow for the last instalment. Thank you for visiting with me today, take care, lots of inky hugs from.....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My creating space....

Hello there,
well this is certainly a long awaited post and after I convinced hubby to go and take some photos of my room late yesterday, this is what we came up with, so I'll give you the long shots first, then I'll show you some close ups in the next post.
So this first shot shows the right hand side of my room, where I have all my current stamp sets and some other bits and pieces in the little draws. This cabinet was on a verge clearance with the word 'FREE' scratched onto the front door of it, so of course hubby in his wisdom thought to bring it home just in-case I might like it for stamp storage. I just bought some stickers to cover up the scratch marks and hey presto! I had a new cabinet for stamps. This next one is of the desk where I do all my work, as you can see I have lots of natural light coming through there and I might add that those windows were also on a verge collection from some friends down the road, so you can see that this room is very much a re-cycled one, which my daughter is very proud of. The door is new, hubby bought it for me. I just let down the roller blinds at night or when the sun is too strong. I have five brilliant down lights as well. My bag from this years convention is hanging on one of those dog's bottom and tail hooks from Ikea.
This shot is the far left of my room, I have what I call my Big Shot Station on the work top and yes, this is also re-cycled from our local tip shop. I have a nice reverse cycle air-conditioner in my room to keep me warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

This is the back of my room, where my gorgeous hubby built me a wood panel to attach those awesome rails from Ikea on, they of course hold all my punches and also hold the hanging baskets in which my ribbons sit. Behind the wood is the glass panel which is the other half of the doorway into the spare room, which used to be my eldest daughter's room. I'll show you what's inside those cupboards in the next post.

Well, that's part one of the tour around my little space. This was originally just a brick sleep-out attached via a sliding glass door to the back of my daughter's room. It was never used as it wasn't really very nice and only had brick walls and paving for a floor. So hubby set to work and prettied it all up for me, putting a tiled floor in, building me a jarrah frame for my work top to fit into, which when it gets too old or messy can be popped out and then a new one dropped into the frame. Putting nice clean walls up etc. Then earlier in the year we had a nasty storm and we got water damage through the ceilings in my room and the room next door, that's why we had to re-do all the rooms again. But I'm really happy with my little space and I cant wait to show you around the rest of it. So come back tomorrow for part two. You can click on all the photos for a better look.
Thanks for stooping by, lots of inky hugs from....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Birthday dinner.

Hi there,
I hope this finds you all well, I have been quite unwell this week which is why there has been very little activity on this blog. So I apologise for that and hope that this week things will start to get better and I can start creating again. I thought rather than just let my blog posting stop completely, I'd show you some pics of my birthday dinner, which was shared by my eldest daughter and her lovely partner and of course my hubby. We all went out for an Indian dinner at on of my favourite restaurants called "The Elephant Hut" This picture is of my hubby, my daughter and me, I think we caught my hubby off guard and he looks a bit drunk, I can assure you not a drop had passed his lips at this point in the evening!

This next lovely photo is of My daughter with the love of her life, they've actually known each other since she was ten, we used to go on holiday down South every Christmas with his and one other family, It was always clear they had a crush on each other, but it wasn't until a family reunion six years after we had last seen them, that the sparks flew and they've been together ever since. They are both at Uni, but taking a well earned break from exams over in NZ at the moment snow-boarding.
This last one is of a very proud mum with her first born, I love this picture of us together. I can't believe she is actually 23 in a couple of months. It was a lovely birthday and we had a glorious meal as always, so if you live in Perth and you like Indian food, I highly recommend "The Elephant Hut" Take care all and keep away from those nasty cold and flu germs.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me, I hope you all enjoy your weekend and keep warm if you're in the depths of Winter like me.
Lots of inky hugs from.......

Monday, July 19, 2010

A card for a friend.

Hi There craft lovers,
I hope you're feeling warmer than I am right now, it's freezing in this room and if you go outside in the sun it's really quite warm. I have a very sore throat and I'm just hoping and praying it isn't going to turn into something more sinister.
I first saw a version of this lovely card on the very talented Kirsty Brown's blog, she had made it for a mother's day card, but I thought it would also make a lovely card to say "Hi" to a friend. So here is my version, using the gorgeous paper from the Cottage wall pack, which you can find in our current mini catalogue. I also used the "Perfect Polka Dots" embossing folder with the fabulous Big Shot, also found in our current mini.
Thanks for visiting with me, lots of inky hugs from....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Polly and her favourite Stampin'Up! product.

Hi There Peeps,
I just thought you might like to see our dear little kitty with her favourite Stampin'Up! product...It's the paper that they use to pack all your goodies in when they are being shipped out to our doors. Every time she hears that paper come out of the box, she comes running in to the room full of excitement. Because she is blind, all her toys make a noise ie: a ball with a bell in it and a golf ball on the tiles, but her most favourite toy of all is paper. Just like her mum! We had to leave this nice wad in the living room for her and even though we bought her this lovely soft furry bed to sleep in, she prefers to snuggle up in her nest of brown crackly packing paper. So there you go, yet another use for that wonderful stuff that keeps our goodies safe.
Thanks for stopping by, lots of inky hugs from .....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another load!

Hello there,
I hope this finds you enjoying an inspirational blog browsing session. I found this old photo of a card I had made way back in 08 when I first joined Stampin'Up! ® This set 'Loads of Love' was in my starter kit and I was just playing around with what I had and experimenting with colours. I thought it would go well with the last posting which used the same set. It's a very simple card and other than the scalloped circle which was added later the next year, it was a single layer which is rarely found these days. I went to Ikea today to buy a few bits and pieces to finish off my hobby room, so next week I will post some pictures for you, then you can see where I do my creating. Oh well, take care and enjoy the rest of your browsing. Lots of inky hugs from...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Christmas in July.

Hello there,
I know not everyone reading this will be sitting in the cold of Winter, but over here in OZ we certainly are and all these frosty mornings have made me feel a bit nostalgic about celebrating Christmas in the Winter. So here's a Christmas tag I made a while ago.
Doesn't she look happy to be delivering all those pressies to loved ones, the stamp set used is called 'Loads of Love' it's on page 39 of the main catalogue. It was one of the first sets I purchased and it's so versatile. You can use it for all occasions and make it look so different depending on the colours you use with it. There are several different things for you to stamp in the back including puppy dogs, furniture, Christmas trees and more. I hope you have some fun stamping during our school break, I'm busy putting my hobby room back together, now that we have a roof and ceilings back. I will post a photo of my room as soon as it's all full with goodies again. Thanks for stopping by, lots of inky hugs from .....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stamp sets to make you dance!

Wow! have I got some bargains for you, for the whole of July Stampin'Up!® have put on a special to make you dance. It's the two step :-) For anyone who doesn't know about our very clever two step stamp sets, it's the easiest way to get colourful stamped images. Simply layer one image over another, or create a scene with adjoining images. Either way, it's fast stamping with amazing results!
Item ---Page--- Description ---Regular Price--Sale Price
116386 -39--- Loads of Love-- -$39.95--------$31.96
116342 -42- Big Bold Birthday**$53.95 -------$43.16
115860- 78- A Rose is a Rose**- $66.95 -------$53.56
116332 -86 --Playful Petals**--$52.95--------$42.36
115770 -98--Cheep Talk-------$47.95 --------$38.36
115946-115 -Wonderful Favourites$39.95 ----$31.96
119187 -14* Tiny Tags (wood-mount) $38.95- $31.16
118592- 14* Tiny Tags (clear-mount) $28.95-$23.16
119163 -31* Cottage Garden (wood-mount)$32.95 -$26.36
120003- 31* Cottage Garden (clear-mount)$24.95 -$19.96

Please feel free to contact me here for any information about these wonderful sets and how you can get hold of them. Don't forget the special for our fabulous starter kit is still on until the end of July, so get down of that fence and join in the fun!

Lots of inky hugs from ....