Sunday, February 16, 2014

Colour swatches from the garden....

Hi there inky people, well it sure has been a while since my last post and I'm sure by now you're well used to me disappearing from the country and returning with promises of not leaving it so long ever again!
 I had another one of those years where time just ran away with me and trips over seas just took their toll on any time I might of spent getting inky and crafty.
 Since my return from the UK where I was attending my dear father's funeral and catching up with friends and relatives, I must confess I found it really difficult to even enter my craft den, let alone actually create anything. So I just realised it was probably best not to push the subject and go about life attending to other things, well this lead me to cleaning up my pool garden and potting up 32 hanging baskets, as well as filling all the garden beds with new soil and some new plants. I was most surprised to find that I couldn't wait to get out there every morning before the sun was too hot to water and dead head all the flowers that were blooming and still are I might add.
 I really found a special sense of peace spending that time alone before the rest of the house awoke, and the plants rewarded me time and time again. It's true what people say, that you always feel closer to God when you're close to nature, I always felt the same when riding my horse out on my own in the country lanes of Devon in England before we came here to live in Australia.
 Now instead of Pheasants, foxes and badgers on route, I listen to the black and red cockatoos, galahs, crickets and my beloved magpies singing their very distinctive warbling song, we also have a little family of very cute and mischievous bandicoots living on our property, they're great fun to watch and have become quite used to us being outside in the evening when they're playing, digging for grubs and having a quick drink from the pond.
 I'm pleased to say I have now been able to return to my "Craft cave" as my hubby calls it, and enjoy some stamping and colouring etc. I thought I'd show you yesterday's project first, along with some of my pretty flowers which inspire me with their magnificent colour palettes every day.

 and here's the first attempt at some colouring with my copic markers and my newly purchased Saturated Canary image called "Honey" isn't she gorJus!
I will be back with loads more pics soon, so stay tuned and thanks for visiting,
 lots of inky hugs from....
click on picture to enlarge ;-)

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