Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hi There Wonderful visitors,
I'm sure by now you have been wondering where the promised posts of artwork are, well unfortunately this past week has been a little distressing for us all. My dear daughter E has had a very nasty flare up of her S.L.E (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) she was diagnosed with it at the tender age of 17 and to be honest we have had a really good run, she hasn't been hospitalised for two years. After having a wonderful family day out, where we took our little God daughter for her promised fun day with us, skating, ice-cream etc. we came home and then E went over to her boyfriends house for a couple of hours. She came into see me on her return and I noticed a red patch on her arm, thinking it was perhaps a mossie bite or similar we disregarded it and carried on talking, then I noticed it had spread down her arm so I told her to take an antihistamine before going to bed.
I was woken at 6am to find she had now developed a rash over most of her body, but we gave her another antihistamine and she had a cool shower, things seem to settle down but I suggested she take the day off work and see the Dr just in case. We did this but after realising it was her S.L.E. he gave her a large dose of steroids and sent us home. By five that evening things got very scary and we realised it was time to visit the emergency department where she was very quickly admitted and put onto a drip with another massive dose of steroids and antihistamine intravenously. The Dr's there had no clue how to treat S.L.E and very obviously just treading water to keep afloat, we took her home when her symptoms had diminished which was about 12.30 at night. All was well until the early hours of the morning when we decided to ring all the hospitals to find out where there was an immunologist on call who might know a little more how to treat a patient with S.L.E. we were told to take her to Royal Perth which we did and that is where she has been ever since.
So my friends, that is why you haven't seen any new bits and pieces up here, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the lovely people who have been sending well wishes and prayers for our daughter and I hope we can get some good news soon about when we can bring her home.
We have been sitting next to her bedside every day for around 8-9 hours then driving home exhausted and worried. I'm sure you can understand how traumatic this is for us and I truly hope to be able to post some happier news soon.
Thanks again for all your lovely e-mails, lots of inkless hugs from ......


  1. If there is anything that we can do please don't hesitate to call. Will email in case this does not work. Hope that something or someone has some answers soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers

    Donna C:)

  2. Hi Charmaine
    So sorry to hear of your daughter's illness & the extreme worry your family has gone through. Wish I was there in person to give you a big hug - hopefully a cyber hug will work!
    Margaret xx

  3. Charmaine I've been thinking of E and all of your family for the past few days. I hope the tides turn very soon for you all and that E can return to the comfort of your home and family very soon. You're all in my thoughts xxx

  4. Take care of yourselves, big hugs to all & lots of get well wishes. We're all still here when you get back into crafting, but family comes first 110% of the time!