Friday, February 4, 2011

And now for something completely different....

Hello there,
Now just to throw you all off guard here is a couple of objects I made using one of my many other hobbies..Clay! These were actually two of the very first things I ever made and my hubby got them out to take some photos of them this week, he is teaching art as well as his usual subjects this year and thought these might give the students some inspiration to create, he's chosen mythical creatures as a theme for them to use.
This purple dragon is supposed to resemble the mythical "Purple dragon behind the fridge" you know, the one that steels the single socks and your keys ;-) This little sleepy fellow below was supposed to be a pear, yes you read correctly "a pear" You see this was my second attempt at pinch pots ( one of the first things you make in clay) we were told to take some clay home and make a pear using the pinch pot technique and well, this is my pear!
Of course everyone else in my class brought in their beautiful clay pears to put into the kiln and then the teacher saw this dragon. Who made this ? she asked, I told her how I had started out making a pear and then it just seemed to transform into this sleepy dragon with a belly button. I apologised for not conforming to the set home work and said I would do my best to make the project that was asked of me in the future. To be honest I was never good at any of the useful things you could make in pottery and seemed only to be able to make silly dust collectors like dragons etc.

I just thought you might like to know that little extra snippet about me, I hope you like my dragons and please come back soon for the usual programming "Stamping" which will resume soon. Heehehehe ;-) Lots of inky and clay covered hugs from.....


  1. Charmaine, I love your dragons. They are absolutely beautiful. You are extremely creative and artistic. I hope your pottery teacher gave you an A+ for your gorgeous creation.....even if it had deviated from the set task! TFS Cheers Donna Zammit :)

  2. I love your pear! He is sooooo cute! I love the purple dragon too. You have lots of hidden talents Charmaine. Happy Creating!