Sunday, February 13, 2011

The only "Ember'' to fall on our house...

Hello friends, as some of you will know this past week has been one of great trauma for those of us living in the beautiful hills of Perth. Last Sunday we were told to evacuate our property and flee for our safety from some very devastating fires which were way too close for comfort.
Unlike some of our dear friends and neighbours, we were untouched by these awful fires although none the less traumatised by their effects. On the very day these flames set our neighbourhood ablaze we were supposed to take delivery of this gorgeous little creature you can see in the photo, she was a gift from my dear friend Vivi, unbeknown to us she had purchased this gift for us on Australia day and was going to have her delivered last Sunday. Well needless to say that didn't happen. After taking our pets and a few necessary belongings we drove to Fremantle to stay with my eldest daughter where we waited to hear the fate of our family home, we feel so very blessed by all the offers of help we received from old and very new friends, we are so thankful for all your prayers and kind thoughts. We were allowed back to our property the Tuesday after the fires but were still aware of warnings for our area due to winds picking up and embers still alight. After spending yet another sleepless night listening to every sound including helicopters above and fire engines passing our front door on change overs we decided that perhaps it was now safe to take delivery of our newest family member, so my hubby picked her up on his way home from work and we introduced her to the other pets including our dear little blind kitty Polly, it wasn't love at first sniff for her and took her a couple of days to accept this new little bundle of fluff who she now cleans and plays chase with around the house. We have named her Ember as a reminder of the day she was supposed to arrive in our lives.
As before mentioned I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful friendships and to have been able to return to our family home when so many around me were not so lucky, I would like all who read this to take a minute in there lives to say a prayer or think positive thoughts for all those who now have to rebuild their homes and lives due to Black Sunday's fires and also for those who were effected by the awful floods and cyclone across the other side of Australia.
Hugs from....


  1. Charmaine - so relieved to hear your house & belongings all survived the horrible fires. I was thinking about you all weekend & last week - hoping you were all ok!
    A very appropriate name for Ember - I'm sure she will bring alot of enjoyment to your lives.

  2. Gald to here your family is safe and so is your home. How scary for you all. Little Ember is adorable and I'm sure a great joy to you all. Cheers Donna zammit

  3. Charmaine, what a lovely friend Vivi is and how gorgeous is little Ember.... such a cute bundle of joy amongst all the misery of 'Black Sunday' A wonderful positive, enjoy her. Looking forward to catching up tomorrow. Sam xx

  4. Can't wait to meet Ember (I know what my DS will be wanting me to buy him!) Truly thankful that not only were you and your family safe from harm, but your house was unharmed as well. For the others less fortunate that lost their houses, I am confident the community will give them every assistance that they can. See you soon xox