Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's been a while !

Hi there inky people,
Once again I find myself apologising for my absence, well life keeps throwing me a googly and it seems to take me a while to get back on track. I've had a nasty bought of bronchitis and now some bad news from back in the UK, so please bare with me when I don't post as regularly as I would like to.
Now I thought I'd start the posts with these pictures of my little Pirate Tilda, I made her for my beautiful Daughter's 21st birthday, which of course was a pirate theme. I stamped the Tilda and then masked her before stamping the barrel, anchor and skull. I coloured the images in with Copic markers and drew the many little skulls arround the card with a white gel pen (hence them all being slightly different!)

I didn't have a very big choice of colours to work with as this is the first card I have made using my copics and Magnolia's other than the tag I made for home work. I only had one blue and two greens and three browns so I used my greys to change the tones of the colours for blending and shading.

I must admit to being quite proud of this creation and Elysia loved it too. I used some stamps from the Stampin'Up! set called Beware Pirates! on the inside and tore the paper inside the card to make it look like an old map. I hope you like it too. ;-)
Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave some nice comments, I'm in need of some happiness ;-) Lots of inky hugs from ....


  1. Hello gorgeous! Well this is a very special masterpiece for your big girl. How did she get to be 21?! Your colouring is very clever and I love the way her shirt looks so flowy and real. I'm sending you big inky hugs my lovely and will call you soon for a chat. x

  2. Hi Chairmaine,
    Your card is delightful! Love the very cute Tilda image. Hope your staying on top of things and having a Great Day and a Better Week. Hugs to you.... Sue