Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A few from Utah...

I haven't shown many pictures from my recent trip to Utah, so here goes. Salt lake City was a beautiful city, very clean and hospitable with friendly faces to great you where ever you went.
The first night that Ann and I arrived there we dropped our bags at the hotel and took off to explore the city, we found the famous City Creek Shopping centre which was full of beautiful top end shops. The whole mall was in an enclosed area with a roof that could be rolled back when the weather allowed, so we were lucky enough to see it with and without a roof above us.
Of course my main shopping mission was to find and purchase my all American pair of cowgirl boots, any of you who follow me on Pinterest will know I have a board just dedicated to these amazing boots and I had been adding to it regularly before leaving for the States. Well I found a shop "Steve Madden" in the City Creek mall, which was brimming with lovely leather boots of all shapes and sizes, however me being me, even after trying on a pair which I fell in love with couldn't just purchase the first pair I tried on! So I told the shop assistant "Taylor" that I maybe passing back this way in a couple of weeks, so if I hadn't found my dream pair, I would come back for these.
To be continued...........
 a view from the second level of City Creek shopping centre (above)
 this is one of the many huge buildings in the city centre
and if you look between the sky scrapers you can always see picturesque mountains which surround you, just beautiful!
I'll be back with more soon. Lots of inky hugs from....

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