Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's day!

Happy Mother's day to all you mum's out there.
I thought today was a good day for a couple of family photos, the top one is of my brother with his partner Lynn, my dad, then me and my dear mum. This was taken the day before I returned home from my visit in England, we all had a fabulous lunch in my parents local village pub "The Lemon Arms". The second picture above is of my mum outside her little local grocery shop, she walks up there at least twice a day and gets all her necessities, occasionally she will do a big shop up at ASDA when someone can drive her there, or if my brother is home he takes her. My mum is an amazing woman who is always a tower of strength, her health has generally been fantastic and you would never believe her age if you met her. I wish I could be there to give you a big mother's day cuddle mum. I'll be thinking of you today and memories of us walking along the beaches picking up shells for our collection.
Give your mum a cuddle if you can and let her memory warm your heart if you can't!
Lots of mother's day hugs from......

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  1. Hi Char, fab pics and your parents are looking ok there, i know Dad not too well, but your mum she's a star! Guess those memory pics you hold close by and they would sure miss you like you miss them.
    Hope you had a nice ma day too, i did and we had our WA as well.
    Was it your birthday on the 27 or 20?
    Please message me your numb and home address.
    Cheers Jen