Sunday, April 25, 2010

Colour renovations....

Hi There, I hope you are enjoying your blog browse. I thought you might like to know about some pretty special Stampin'Up! news. We are having a colour renovation to meet up with all the new colour trends that can be found in our everyday lives, such as textiles, fashion, house furnishings etc. Stampin'Up! wants us to keep up with all the modern trends of today's society and to do this they have devised a wonderful new colour family for us. We will be keeping 24 current colours and saying hello to 5 brand new colours, as well as bringing back 10 well loved in-colours from the past. One of our Neutral colours Kraft has been given a new name and will be known as Crumb Cake.

Every year we will be given 5 new in colours and these gorgeous colours will stay with us for two years, so 5 this year (In Sept) then 5 next year which means after this year, we will have 10 in-colours to work with. What joy! I always hated saying goodbye to the in-colours just when I was starting to love them.

There will be lots more info about this colour change in the near future, but none of these changes will take place for us here in Australia until our new annual catalogue arrives in September. So start collecting any of the leaving colours that you love, along with their re-inkers and any other coordinating accessories before September this year.
If you would like to view the new colour charts which show these changes please click on the charts above.

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