Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Sea Of Pink....

Hello there,
On Saturday the 23rd of October there was a sea of pink at the Kelmscott tennis club and it was made by some gorgeous people doing their very best to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The gorgeous pink cup cakes were made by Cassie, the family culinary skills don't stop there, her lovely dad Fred made some awesome curry puffs for the day too.

Here on the right is a picture of Ann, my very good friend and downline, she worked very hard with myself and Sam to make the day a huge success and most importantly full of fun.

This picture is of some of the lovely ladies who joined us for the day to make six projects , win prizes, eat, drink and have fun.
These pink goody bags were waiting to be picked up by each participant at the door, inside were all the necessities to make all six projects along with a few extra little bits and pieces.

The day was wonderful and from all the feed back we have had so far, everyone really enjoyed themselves and have expressed their wishes to do it all again asap. Well we will do it again, but not til next year when we have fully recovered from this one :-) I have a few more photos to show you and will upload part two tomorrow, so please come back to see the next part of our World Card Making Day event.
Thanks for visiting with me, lots of inky hugs from ....

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  1. Great photos .... well done Grant! Great photo of you Ann, we sure did have a good day :-) xx