Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Boys...

Hi Everyone, I hope this finds you all enjoying a safe, cool and peaceful weekend. These are a few photos of my two dogs, the German shepherd is called Coubah and the Wamoodle ( mum was a Maltese cross West highland terrier and dad was a toy poodle)is called Whiddy "I know what your thinking, but it's a long story!" Any way I thought this picture of Coubah covering his nose was so cute I had to share it with you. Dh took the picture and called it " ready or not, here I come!"
I have had a friend visiting this week and we hadn't seen each other for nearly fourteen years, we met in England when I was sent back to stay with my Grandparents for a while and go to school in England to catch up on my education and my English oral skills, I had been speaking French and Spanish for near four years and my parents decided it would be a good idea to return me to England for three months before we sailed on to America. I met my friend at school there, she later was on holiday in Florida with her family and we met up again, as this is where I was now living with my parents. I later returned to England to live in the very same village as her. We had always kept in touch via letters so we just started up where we had left off. I moved to Australia with my family when my friend was pregnant with her first child and he is thirteen on Australia day, she and her family have now moved to Adelaide and are living in Glenelg. Unfortunately they have haven't found it easy to settle there and are finding it hard to make friends etc. So she came for a visit here to Western Australlia to see if she would be happier here. We had a lovely reunion and caught up on all our family and friends gossip, she has flown home to SA today and hopefully feeling a little better about Australia. I will upload some more photos soon, thanks for being so patient with me, lots of inkLESS hugs from ....

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  1. What cuties!

    Whiddy reminds me Mila who attends puppy school with Josie.

    I bet they are feeling the heat in WA! As is Josie in Victoria.

    Hopefully your friend "finds her feet" in Glenelg - it is such a pretty spot. Australia is such a wonderful place to live, as you would know.