Friday, January 9, 2009

Some more village life from Cornwall...

Hello fellow crafters and blog surfers, I thought I'd add some more pictures of my wonderful stay back home with my parents last October. The top photo is of course one of the most important places in the village of Mylor Bridge, the hub of the community...The Pub! It's called the Lemon Arms as you can see and it has a beautiful atmosphere as well as great food.
The next photo is the front of my Parent's and Brother's home, it's a one story house or for those English among you "A Bungalow", it has beautiful gardens that go right around the whole property, which mum attends to mostly, but has the help of a gardener to mow the lawns every couple of weeks. My brother helps too when he is home from sea, they have a huge Oak tree which is several hundred years old and while I was there it was dropping hundreds of acorns that had to be picked up by the sac load every day. I really loved the house and it felt very cozy and warm, full of love. The last photo is of mum's village butcher, he has a wonderful assortment of meats and sells fresh game that has been shot the night before, he uses local farmers so all the produce is fresh and tastes like grandma used to cook.
I'll post some more cards later, take care and thanks for visiting. Lots of inky hugs from..

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