Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some more family pictures..

Hi All, Here are a couple more pictures from my trip back home last year. The first one is of myself with my brother Marcus, he is in the merchant navy so is away from home a fair bit, but I was very lucky to have him at home with me while I was there and it was great to catch up and share all our childhood memories, we went out shopping, had coffee and cakes (too many) and went to church together, It was certainly a very special time for us.
The second picture is of me with my dear dad outside our favourite Cathedral which is in Truro. It's a very special place for us and we always light a few votive candles for our loved ones who have passed on and say some prayers whilst listening to the amazing organist there. My father has been very unwell of late and is now waiting to hear when he will be going into hospital for surgery, it's a tough time for me being so far away. A lot of prayer and phone calls will have to suffice for now. I promise to upload some of my latest work soon, we have had a very busy couple of days, Lori has returned from her travels and so has Grant so we are a full family again for a while! Take care all and thank you for visiting with me, lots of inky hugs from..


  1. Just chqd out your blog havent done so much lately, with the holidays, most time spent relaxing and going to a quick holiday:)
    Was nice to catch your update and hope you are doingok with the distance of dad not being well.
    Maybe you want to to share with me for Convention:) xx

  2. Hi Charmaine

    Nice to finally "see" you.

    Now I can put a face to your lovely emails.

    Your family are in my prayers - hope all turns out fine.