Friday, April 17, 2009

Our long stay visitor...

Hi All,
What a week! I don't ever want to relive that one again, the good news is, my dad has been released from hospital and is at home in comfort with his little dog and my mum and brother to look after him. It has been such a stressful week and we had a very sad funeral to attend yesterday too. A young guy who has left behind a beautiful wife and unborn baby, he had an amazing send off with lots of friends and family, there was standing room only at the church.
I thought I'd lighten the atmosphere a little and show you this picture of Noah in my husbands brand new velvet lined banjo case. Noah was left with us for a five month period of time while my eldest daughter was of on one of her many round the world explorations. On her return at the end of Feb. she decided to move in with her long time boyfriend while they are both studying at uni. Well the boyfriend is allergic to cats, so we now have Noah on a more permanent basis, which is fine, but Coubah my BIG German Shepherd just wants to eat him, our other dog loves him and they both get on with each other. We don't have a cat flap and this means either myself or hubby getting up at all hours of the night to let Noah in and out for constitutionals etc. We have all fallen in love with him and he's a real character, very catty not very cuddly, not at all like the Birman cat we had in the UK. Poppy was very much a people cat and loved to be on your lap or sitting on the edge of the bath while you were soaking. Oh well, hubby must love him or he wouldn't of allowed him to sit in his banjo case "LOL" Take care all and have a wonderful and inky weekend. lots of inky hugs from .....

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