Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Me and my room mate :-)

Hi There blog surfers,
What A week I'm having, we have had our roof of for over a week now due to storm damage, the roof repairers have been re-constructing our roof since last Tuesday and yesterday I heard a big loud crash, I went to investigate the spare room (where I keep most of my hobby stuff) and there on the floor was the ceiling fan and light! Anyhooo, that was just the beginning, hubby went in to have a look first thing this morning and said the whole ceiling had dropped down by about 70 millimetres and I would have to clear it out immediately in case it was about to fall in completely! So believe it or not the whole room was cleared out in about an hour, good thing daughter number two is staying at her friends house for a while to house sit, because most of my stuff is in her room and on her bed. I have now found out that my entire hobby room needs to be cleared out too as that ceiling is also damaged and in need of repair, I've been thing about having a clear out for ages and I spose this will just make me do it a bit sooner...I feel a craft garage sale coming on! Mmmmmm.
The photo above is of my room mate Nic, we shared a room at last year's convention too. We had lots of laughs together and always look forward to the next one before the last one comes to an end, so here's looking forward to next year's convention in Melbourne.
Lots of inky hugs from.....

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