Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Every moment.

Hello there everyone,
You may of noticed that yesterday's post has been removed, I can't believe that not one person who visited here told me that I had already posted those projects for the blog hop! Can you tell I've been a little stressed out of late?? Well, I'm hoping that things will return to normal soon' What ever normal is' Any hooo, here is something new to look at, I made this at our regional convention which was a couple of weeks ago here in Perth, we made this and a few other items which I will endeavour to get up here in the next few days. The set we were given to make all the projects with is called Every Moment and I really love it, I do like water colouring though and if you didn't you may not be as found of it as I am. The little pearl is one from our new accessories, you can get little rhinestones as well, they come in packs of 150 and are varied in sizes, so you can find just the right one for your project.
At only $9.50 a pack they're a real bargain too. I'm loving all the new bits and pieces in our accessories section of the new catalogue, if you still haven't managed to see one yet just contact me for one Here. Oh well, thanks for stopping by, lots of inky hugs from...


  1. Gorgeous - you water colour so well. Thanks for sharing (Ohh and I have no reference point for what normal is so I doubt I'll ever attain that status!)

  2. LOL - hey Char I did notice that you posted those pics twice, but I've done that before myself so sure as heck wasn't gonna pull you up on it! lol

    Nyster told me about your regionals and how you can highlight with the white pen and gosh it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am so gonna buy that set I think - very beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing!