Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Birthday dinner.

Hi there,
I hope this finds you all well, I have been quite unwell this week which is why there has been very little activity on this blog. So I apologise for that and hope that this week things will start to get better and I can start creating again. I thought rather than just let my blog posting stop completely, I'd show you some pics of my birthday dinner, which was shared by my eldest daughter and her lovely partner and of course my hubby. We all went out for an Indian dinner at on of my favourite restaurants called "The Elephant Hut" This picture is of my hubby, my daughter and me, I think we caught my hubby off guard and he looks a bit drunk, I can assure you not a drop had passed his lips at this point in the evening!

This next lovely photo is of My daughter with the love of her life, they've actually known each other since she was ten, we used to go on holiday down South every Christmas with his and one other family, It was always clear they had a crush on each other, but it wasn't until a family reunion six years after we had last seen them, that the sparks flew and they've been together ever since. They are both at Uni, but taking a well earned break from exams over in NZ at the moment snow-boarding.
This last one is of a very proud mum with her first born, I love this picture of us together. I can't believe she is actually 23 in a couple of months. It was a lovely birthday and we had a glorious meal as always, so if you live in Perth and you like Indian food, I highly recommend "The Elephant Hut" Take care all and keep away from those nasty cold and flu germs.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me, I hope you all enjoy your weekend and keep warm if you're in the depths of Winter like me.
Lots of inky hugs from.......


  1. Hey there Char!

    Sorry to hear you've been unwell - sure hope you feel better soon!

    What a gorgeous family you have!! Your daughter is absolutely beatiful - they grow up far too fast don't they! I can't believe my beautiful daughter will be 13 soon!

    Luv Karen

  2. Not feeling well is definitely not fun whatsoever. I hope you start to feel better real soon!

    Absolutely love the pictures, you all look so happy! It sounds like you had a blast and Happy belated Birthday! :D


  3. I can't believe I didn't know it was your birthday! Hmmm ... will have to rectify that ;)
    The photos are gorgeous, as is your daughter! The photo of the two of you together is stunning and so are the rest of the pics!
    Lots of birthday hugs