Sunday, July 25, 2010

My creating space....

Hello there,
well this is certainly a long awaited post and after I convinced hubby to go and take some photos of my room late yesterday, this is what we came up with, so I'll give you the long shots first, then I'll show you some close ups in the next post.
So this first shot shows the right hand side of my room, where I have all my current stamp sets and some other bits and pieces in the little draws. This cabinet was on a verge clearance with the word 'FREE' scratched onto the front door of it, so of course hubby in his wisdom thought to bring it home just in-case I might like it for stamp storage. I just bought some stickers to cover up the scratch marks and hey presto! I had a new cabinet for stamps. This next one is of the desk where I do all my work, as you can see I have lots of natural light coming through there and I might add that those windows were also on a verge collection from some friends down the road, so you can see that this room is very much a re-cycled one, which my daughter is very proud of. The door is new, hubby bought it for me. I just let down the roller blinds at night or when the sun is too strong. I have five brilliant down lights as well. My bag from this years convention is hanging on one of those dog's bottom and tail hooks from Ikea.
This shot is the far left of my room, I have what I call my Big Shot Station on the work top and yes, this is also re-cycled from our local tip shop. I have a nice reverse cycle air-conditioner in my room to keep me warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

This is the back of my room, where my gorgeous hubby built me a wood panel to attach those awesome rails from Ikea on, they of course hold all my punches and also hold the hanging baskets in which my ribbons sit. Behind the wood is the glass panel which is the other half of the doorway into the spare room, which used to be my eldest daughter's room. I'll show you what's inside those cupboards in the next post.

Well, that's part one of the tour around my little space. This was originally just a brick sleep-out attached via a sliding glass door to the back of my daughter's room. It was never used as it wasn't really very nice and only had brick walls and paving for a floor. So hubby set to work and prettied it all up for me, putting a tiled floor in, building me a jarrah frame for my work top to fit into, which when it gets too old or messy can be popped out and then a new one dropped into the frame. Putting nice clean walls up etc. Then earlier in the year we had a nasty storm and we got water damage through the ceilings in my room and the room next door, that's why we had to re-do all the rooms again. But I'm really happy with my little space and I cant wait to show you around the rest of it. So come back tomorrow for part two. You can click on all the photos for a better look.
Thanks for stooping by, lots of inky hugs from....


  1. I really like your creating space. I just love how it is organized. I can be such an organization freak sometimes.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and to reply to your comment.

    I would be more frightened of running into a snake then a bear. Snakes just scare me to death especially the ones that are extremely deadly. Just the thought of being bit by a snake and knowing that there is a very slim chance of surviving does not sounds appealing to me whatsoever.

    Ahh thank you, I am glad you like the music I have on my blog. I still need to add more though!

    I am extremely glad that you are feeling better!


  2. WOW what an awesome result - SO clean and tidy - completely jealous (i'm too lazy to clean my room). Grant has done a fab job with the punch storage much more compact than the old system. Only thing missing is the laptop & a fridge!

  3. Your hubby is so clever Char! Love your work space, so well organised and tidy! Happy stamping xx