Friday, November 27, 2009

Up yer Kilt!

Grant with the rest of the group up on stage

Me with my very handsome hubby.

Grant with his very proud mum!

Grant all ready for his Highland Gathering stage performance.

Well I promised several friends and family that I would upload some photos of the Highland Gathering last weekend, so here the are. It was an absolutely brilliant day and 'The Ferrymen' were so well received, they sold out of their CD's and everyone was singing along or dancing to their music. I must admit I'm very lucky because I get to listen to them rehearse every week too. They play every Friday night at a mock Tudor village pub called "The Elizabethan" they have got quite a few fans that come every Friday to hear them play, I go along as much as possible, but because I normally have a class here on a Sat. morning, it makes it difficult for me to get the sleep I really need to be my best for my very dear stamping friends. Oh well, I'll post some art work later, just wanted to show off my musical hubby! Have a great day, lots of inky hugs from....

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  1. So Charmaine, you must know what Scotsmen wear under their kilts?


    Good Luck with the Blog Hop - hope all goes well. Hope you get lots of "hits" too.