Sunday, May 30, 2010

I've been gifted...

Hello everyone, I would like to firstly thank all those lovely people who popped over here to say happy birthday to me, thanks to the lovely Keesh who placed a happy birthday post to me on her gorgeous blog, I have had lots of beautiful birthday messages. I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful blogging community, all the great bloggers and visitors who take the time to write encouraging comments and share their amazing works of art with us all.

I was also awarded with the "Beautiful Blogger award a little while ago, by two very talented people, firstly Keesh who has the most amazing blog full of inspiration and beautiful art work and secondly the very talented lady Lee whom I met through Keesh at our team meetings, she has a beautiful blog here called "Lulla's Link" full of great works of art which she shares most generously with us all, so thank you to both of these very kind ladies for their gift of this award. I now have to divulge ten things about myself and then give you lucky people ten wonderful blogs to visit, so here goes.....

1) My husband proposed to me after two days and we bought our first house three months later and were married in the fourth month which was 25 years ago in Sept.

2)I was born in Sliema/Malta.

3) I was brought up on a boat and travelled all over the world, going to 8 different schools speaking in five different languages.

4) I don't eat cheese (I know, everyone thinks I'm missing out on something great!)

5)I have 9 siblings scattered all over the world and I'm the baby.

6)I was painfully shy and used to cry if I had to meet new people, before Stampin'Up® came into my life. (I bet loads of you are thinking "What the", but it's true).

7) I've had fifteen major surgeries and some people say I look like I've been attacked by a shark.

8)I went to a craft fair fourteen years ago to get some thread for my then hobby of cross stitch, saw someone heat embossing and got hooked on stamping. I never did finish that cross stitch project and it's still in my draw ;-}

9)It never ceases to amaze me how many beautiful friends I have made through this wonderful world of craft and I feel truly blessed having each and every one of you in my life.

10) Bert Reynolds fixed my bike chain once in Florida and when I asked him what his name was he replied with " you can just call me uncle Bert, honey" and Brigitte Bardot shared my ice cream in the South of France.

Well, I hope I didn't bore you too much and you are now ready to visit some of my beautiful friends at their blogs. These are in no particular order and it was very, very difficult to nominate just ten, I knew lots of you already had been given the award, so that made it a little easier, so here goes....

1) Margaret Knoops of Purple Buttons

2)Karen Thomas of Luv to stamp

3)Amanda Carr of Mandy's stampin spot

4)Samantha Fisher of Samantha's stamping studio

5)Ann Gerlach of Discover-ink (one of my very talented downline)

6)Trish Davies of Cody's nan's blog (another of my wonderful downline)

7)Nikki Pascoe of Perfect Paper

8)Mae Collins of Mae's Cachet

9)Tanya Kitto of Stamp n' chat (one very generous and kind lady)

10)Carl Marbach of Stuff by Carol (one of my lovely American blog frriends)

Have fun browsing those beautiful blogs, lots of inky hugs from ...


  1. Charmaine, thanks so much for this beautiful blogger award. I think I am going to see if I can find 10 new ones (or atleast ones I haven't awarded to before) to share the love around some more! Thanks again and it was so amazing to read the 10 things about you!

  2. Awwwwwwwww Thanks for the blogger award Char! I hope you had the best birthday ever and got spoilt rotton!!

    Luv Karen

  3. Dear Charmaine, I hope you had a wonderful birthday with lots of love and laughter.
    Love Terese.

  4. Still wishing you a Happy Birthday Char and God's blessings for the year ahead in health and happiness:) All my luv Jen