Saturday, May 1, 2010

A pinch and a PUNCH for the first of the month!

Hello there, Did you like the pun about a punch for the first of the month?? I thought I was being quite clever for a change. But all joking apart, this post is about the wonderful new punch style that Stampin'Up!® have released in our new Autumn/Winter mini. I love the fact that we can now stack our punches and they look so darne kool :-)
Starting with the new 2010 Autumn-Winter Mini Catalogue and continuing with all new punch designs going forward, Stampin' Up! has adopted a new body style for our punches! A few features of the new punch style:
Low-profile, rectangular punch body allows for easier stacking and storing
Punches lock shut for easier storage and transport
Dual labels on top and end allow for easy identification and selection when stored
Available in three sizes: small, medium, and extra-large
New punches allow for larger punched images and more intricate designs while providing greater ease of use.
Extra -large punch images also allow for two-step designs like the Two-Step Bird punch in the Autumn-Winter Mini Catalogue
Larger, whole-hand handle design provides better leverage for easier use
Available in an exclusive Stampin' Up! colour
Part of Stampin' Up!'s commitment to providing demonstrators and customers with the very best crafting tools includes the belief in what we call continuous improvement. Essentially what this means is that even if something works very well, but we see a chance to improve it, we will work to make it even better. While new punch designs will be in the new body style, existing designs will remain in the existing body style for now. We will communicate any further changes as those decisions are made.

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