Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Christmas Mum and Dad.

Hello everyone, I hope this finds you all in good spirits and still enjoying a wonderful Christmas break with your loved ones. This is a picture of my dear mum and dad in England, Mum doesn't look bad for an eighty year old, she is very active and walks miles every day, she looks after dad and cooks fabulous meals for him and also for my brother when he's home from sea. We heard from Lori and her boyfriend Alex on Christmas day, they were in a hostel in Berlin and were going to share their Christmas dinner with eight other Ozzies and one Kiwi. They are off to Eddinborough to celebrate new years and then returning back to explore a bit more of Germany and Eastern Europe. Thank you so much for the lovely comments girls, I love to see them so please keep them coming, I will upload some more work tomorrow for you to have a look at (or should I say today) being as it's now 3.20 am!!!! I must get some sleep. Take care all, lots of inky hugs from....

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