Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...

Hi again, I thought you may like to see a variation of the blue card that I showed you earlier and is on my header. This card is on a few blogs this year, so we all must be looking at the same blogs. This one is c.a.s.ed, but I'm sorry I don't actually know who the original was made by. So who ever you are, thank you for the inspiration. I changed things a little and added copious amounts of Kindy glitz to the branches for a bit of bling, it doesn't show up well in the photos. The tree is from the all time favourite set called" Lovely as a tree" I hope you like them, I did lots of these in different colours this year. Don't go....There's more!


  1. Ohhh nice colour gradients - i love the blue the best, but they all look lovely and i am sure the recipients loved them as well

  2. I loved mine too.

    Great colour combinations Charmaine!

    Love checking out your blog!

    Margaret K