Saturday, December 20, 2008

Truro Cathedral

Hi All, I expect a lot of you are out doing last minute Christmas shopping, which is where I should be! This is a picture of Truro Cathedral which is about a forty minute drive from my parents house in Mylor Bridge. I love this Cathedral and when ever I home I always visit here, my dad loves to go and light candles for his friends who have passed on as well as lighting candles for my sister who died of breast cancer. Often when we are there we are lucky enough to hear the choir practising or the organist which really adds to the wonderful feeling this place gives you. I will add some art work here later so stay tuned! lots of inky hugs from ...


  1. Hi Charmaine, i love your new blog look, its awesome! Looking forward to going to Convention, you too:)

  2. Now there's a sight I've seen a few times - lovely cathedral isn't it! Hope all is going well for you over the festive frenzy season. Happy stamping, Ann G.