Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Back!

Hello Patient ones,
I seem to have been dealt a little bit of good luck for a change, my DH has just checked his thumb drive and found that he hadn't unloaded some photos he had taken for me and there are a few of my projects included....wooohoooo! So this is a picture of one of the projects which were made a few weeks ago at my Illuminations class, this is a case from the catty that I have changed around a little bit, the colours and size of the box are different but we all had fun putting it together. I'll show you the other two projects we made that day a bit later.
I am now off to get inky in my hobby room, now don't go getting all impressed on me, it's the size of a big walk -in wardrobe! but it's mine and very FULL of all things crafty. Maybe one day I'll take a photo of it for you, would you like to see my work space? Take care all, thank you for being so patient with my blog and please keep visiting. Lots of inky hugs from ......

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